Elder’s Journey Home Care received funding from FSSA under the Direct Service Workforce Grant. The Purpose of the grant is to help us invest in our direct service workforce through financial compensation, retention and wraparound benefits. The grant is to help recognize the extraordinary impact of their work.

We plan to use the funding in the following ways to invest in our direct service workforce.

  1. Continue the 401 K plan into 2023
  2. Continue the Scheduling Bonus
  3. Referral bonus for new employee (100 dollars at 90 days and 100 dollars at a year)
  4. Sign on Bonus for new employees (200 dollars at 90 days, 200 dollars at 6 mo)
  5. Retention Bonus (1 yr 100 dollars, 2 yrs 150 dollars, 3 yrs 200 dollars, 4 yrs 250 dollars, 5 yrs and up 300 dollars)
  6. Scholarships (for employee or child of employee, 1000 a semester, 2000 a year)
  7. Shift Pick Up Monthly Drawing (2 caregivers will get 100 a month)
  8. Long sleeve T-shirts (available this month for pick up)
  9. Continue summer Employee Appreciation Day (Free T-shirts, food & give aways)
  10. Caregiver Recruitment Day (TBA a day to come get a free lunch and bring a friend)
  11. New Caregiver Coordinator/Float position (This is a Caregiver that helps other caregivers with their skills, starts new cases and helps new caregivers)